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Milwaukee BTM-50 One Key TICK 30m Bluetooth Tracking Modules

£959.99 £799.99
10 - 14 Days
Pack of 50 tracking device

Milwaukee accessory code number : 4932459347

  • Genuine Milwaukee accessories.
  • Track with any item in your Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ inventory. Simply Pair the TICK™ with your chosen item and leverage ONE-KEY™ Integrated Tool Tracking to locate your missing product.
  • Fully compatible with all ONE-KEY™ Integrated Tool Tracking features.
  • Alerts that notify the end user when the CR 2032 battery is running low.
  • IP67 - Withstands toughest jobsite conditions.
  • Glue, screw or rivet to anything.
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    Battery Life (continuous use) : 8,760 hours
    Battery type : Li-ion
    IP protection class : IP67
    Pack quantity : 50
    Recommended ambient operating temperature : -30°C to 60°C
    Signal range : 30 m
    Voltage : 3 volt
    Weight (with battery pack) : 0.023 kg