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Milwaukee 1.2mm Diamond Grit Grout Removal StarLock Multi-Tool Blade

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The Milwaukee diamond grout removal multi tool blade with diamond grit for cutting slots into abrasive materials with black oxide coating prevents rust and maintains performance. Long lasting laser etching for quick identification of blade and application. 75mm segment cut mortar removal multi tool blade for straight and flush cuts in plaster, stone, brick mortar and tile grout. Multi tool blade to be used with a Milwaukee multi tool.

Milwaukee accessory code number : 48906052
Genuine Milwaukee accessories.

Pack of 1 multi-tool blade


  • STARLOCK universal blade reception makes Milwaukee® blades compatible with the most popular oscillating tools.
  • Starlock : no components or adaptors required, fast blade changes & 100% power transmission from tool to accessory.
  • Grout removal 1.2mm diamond grit blade with extra long life. For removing damaged grout between wall or floor tiles.
  • The Milwaukee® STARLOCK™ multi-tool blades are designed for quick blade changes for both OIS multi-tools and STARLOCK™ multi-tools.
  • The Milwaukee® Starlock™ thin kerf diamond grit blade features a segment blade design which is ideal for both straight cuts and flush cuts.
  • This blade is for plaster, stone, brick mortar and tile grout.

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    Grout : Yes
    Length : 25 mm
    Pack quantity : 1
    Starlock : Yes
    Width : 75 mm